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My anxiety is missing in action and I am not looking for it. Life-changing!

We are thrilled to share a new patient testimonial from Innerbloom Ketamine Therapy, San Luis Obispo’s premier ketamine and psychedelic clinic focusing on mental health and pain management. This patient, who presented with a history of generalized anxiety disorder, experienced remarkable positive effects after just a single ketamine infusion. She also underwent two ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) sessions with our therapist, Cindy Nelson, LMFT, which included both preparation and integration sessions. While ketamine therapy is primarily used for major depressive disorder and pain, we have also seen numerous patients benefit from ketamine treatment for anxiety, PTSD, alcohol use disorder, and more. Without further ado, read on to hear what our patient with anxiety had to say after an intravenous ketamine infusion:

A person experiencing relief from anxiety depicted in a peaceful outdoor setting
"To say the infusion was life changing would just be the tip of the iceberg. Is it really that amazing? This past almost 2 weeks, I’ve been a different person. My anxiety is missing in action and I am not looking for it. I feel focused and content and motivated to do things not because it’s nagging at me but because I want to do something. My therapy the past 2 weeks has been so productive since the infusion. We’re not focused on all the things that activated me all week, instead we’re able to dig in and prepare for how to manage the future. Life changing”

What an amazing story and positive response. Innerbloom testimonials like this, while not uncommon, never cease to bring us immense joy. If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, other mental health disorders, or pain, please share this story with them and let them know that we are here to help.

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