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I can’t even believe it is real at times

I have been struggling to put into words everything that I have been experiencing because I can’t even believe it is real at times

When we embark on a journey of healing, many are hopeful yet desperate for a lifeline—a glimmer of light—to guide oneself out from the darkness. Today, we share the incredible story of a patient who experienced a profound transformation with ketamine therapy after nearly a decade battling alcohol use disorder.

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An All-Around Consistent Positive Mood

I have been doing incredibly well since my last infusion about a month ago. During this period, I have been observing my mind and behavior while resisting the urge to speak too soon. But now, I can confidently say that the procedure has entirely reversed/cured my alcoholism.

For the last eight years or so, I have been struggling with severe alcoholism. I hadn’t really gone into too much detail about my addiction or the amount of work I put into it. Having exhausted pretty much all other options for alcoholism/addiction treatment over 6-8 years, I found myself in a state of hopelessness. I had been aggressively seeking a solution for my problem. Despite doing all the right things and daily practices, I could only ever stay sober for a month or two at a time, still struggling mentally with obsessions, cravings, and urges to drink.

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Ketamine therapy was a glimmer of light which helped a patient choose a new direction

I often notice things that used to trigger my desire for alcohol, but that desire never comes now. There’s so much more that I have noticed about myself after the infusions. The disappearance of my cravings for alcohol and an all-around consistent positive mood are the two biggest things that have changed my life.

How Ketamine Therapy May Help Those Suffering With Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD

AUD is a condition encompassing various degrees of alcoholism, abuse, dependence, and addiction, characterized by an inability to control drinking despite its negative impact on health, finances, and relationships. Risk factors include early age drinking, trauma, family history, and other mental health conditions. Read more about AUD here.

During the pandemic, alcohol consumption in the US grew 2.9% rise from the previous year, the largest increase in over 50 years. And according to AWAKN, a UK biotech company, only 8% of Americans with AUD seek treatment. Among those who do, about 75% relapse within a year.

Treatments like ketamine therapy show promise in addressing AUD by potentially 'rewiring' neural pathways. Further, a recent phase 2 clinical trial from the UK suggested that ketamine therapy, in combination with psychotherapy, may sustain abstinence for longer and improve liver function in people with AUD. Inspired by these findings, we offer a similar treatment protocol at Innerbloom Ketamine Therapy.

Concluding Remarks

Even in our darkest moments, hope and healing can shine through. While results can never be guaranteed, our patient's experience serves as a powerful testament to the potential of ketamine therapy, offering a lifeline to those who have struggled with alcoholism and addiction. The journey from despair to recovery is an inspiring one, and it underscores the remarkable impact that innovative treatments can have on individuals facing the most daunting challenges. At Innerbloom Ketamine Therapy, we remain committed to pioneering new frontiers in healthcare, offering compassionate and groundbreaking solutions for those in need.

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