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Eli, Golden Retriever

Eli (EH-lee) was born on September 11th, 2021 🐶 She is one of seven pups from a small town in the Central Valley of California called Hanford 😊 Eli has an exceptionally calm demeanor, which is unusual for a golden. She is working toward becoming a therapy dog and has received high marks at dog obedience school. While she is not allowed on the bed (usually!), she will find a way onto your lap and into your heart. It was obvious from day one that Eli’s love and superpowers need to be shared with others. Most of the time, Eli will be present during your ketamine infusion.

A closeup of Eli showing off her dog tag
A portrait of Eli posing seated in front of Ray Rivas MD
Eli laying on the ground in between patient visits at Innerbloom Ketamine Therapy
Eli laying in a dog bed which is too small while looking up at the camera
Eli, as a puppy, standing on a surfboard in the back of the SUV
Eli, as a puppy, laying underneath a woman performing a downward-facing dog yoga position
Eli as laying near a woman performing a yoga pose
Eli, as a puppy, being held up like Simba in the Lion King by Dr Rivas on a hike near San Luis Obispo
Eli, as a puppy, running up a hiking trail near San Luis Obispo with her ears flopping
Eli, as a puppy, sitting at the beach in front of a concrete wall with graffiti looking towards the ocean
Eli, as a puppy, laying on a beach blanket looking at the camera
Eli, as a puppy, with her paws on a car door sill looking back at the camera with a snarling look on her face
Eli, as a puppy, with her paws on the edge of a balcony facing towards the sunrise with her eyes closed
Eli, with her front legs on a ledge overlooking the sunset and ocean
Eli, as a puppy, laying on her dog bed right next to Dr Rivas
Eli, as a puppy, cuddling with Dr Rivas in a chair
Eli, as a puppy, laying on her back getting ready for a belly rub
Eli, as a puppy, hanging in a hammock upside down with her ears hanging towards the ground

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