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Sound Bath and Somatic Healing Event May 10th

We’re excited to welcome back Seshen to IKT for another SOMA X SOUND IMMERSION on May 10th at 6PM.⁠

SOMA X SOUND IMMERSION is a new series of event at Innerbloom that offers an experience of synergetic meeting between Somatic Healing and Sound Healing. In each session, there will be a new somatic body awareness and self-care tool introduced, followed by a sound bath.⁠

These somatic tools are highly effective to regulate the nervous system and guide oneself into a calm, spacious, and alive state, and they are very easy to learn and implement in day-to-day life. The attunement of our mind-body through the somatic tools also creates a more open, receptive field for the experience of the sound healing to work even more deeply within us.⁠


About Seshen:

Seshen has been working in the field of holistic and somatic healing for the past 15 years. Her eclectic work includes biodynamic craniosacral therapy, emotional embodiment healing, somatic trauma resolution, as well as aromatherapy and movement practice. She has also been practicing Sound Healing since 2016, with a background of Master’s degree in musical performance with her voice and improvisation from the Norwegian Academy of Music. In recent years, she has begun to offer holistic healing for women of all ages, including support for the childbearing

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