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The Power of Intention with Ketamine Therapy

When beginning a new path that has been undiscovered, our mind can begin finding reasons and excuses as to why it may not be the right time or simply that it’s not possible. This is where setting an intention can be extremely transformative and powerful. I am writing this for you to encourage you and let you know that setting an intention paired with ketamine therapy can make all the difference, especially because ketamine works by creating new neural pathways in the brain, it’s an ideal time to begin planting a seed of intention. With that being said, I want to give you three ways that setting an intention paired with your ketamine therapy journey can be impactful for you!

One Powerful Method for Creating an Impactful Intention

Here’s the thing: an intention is simply getting clear on what it is that you want, and for most of us, we have an idea of a few aspects of our lives that we would love to see improved. However, in order for our intentions to really have that driving force for change, it’s crucial that we are first intentional about our intentions. What does that even mean? Well, we can’t just throw out a haphazard effort and expect our mind to be all in with what we desire. Essentially, it really helps to connect with our heart and truly being honest with ourselves, “What is one thing I would love to see change within myself and/ or my life?”

It’s important that we do this with compassion for ourselves but also maintaining an awareness that the moments will arise where we don’t FEEL like continuing on with our intention—but this is where the awareness and compassion comes in. We need to have awareness that these feelings of sabotage will begin creeping in at some point. It’s almost a guarantee. However, when we have compassion for ourselves, not striving for a perfect result and outcome, and knowing that we will fall back into old patterns but not letting that fall keep you down as long is what will allow for consistent progress over time. It’s more effective to fall down 10 times and get back up 10 times than falling down once and waiting years until we try again.

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How Setting an Intention Can Change Your Life

The subconscious is so incredibly powerful. It dictates our behaviors, emotions, thought patterns far more than we could imagine. Here is some amazing news! Ketamine therapy with its beautiful ability to create new neural pathways in the brain, (i.e. a fresh coat of snow, a new path, a new beginning) can truly be a powerful opportunity for intention to be supercharged in its ability to change our minds, our behaviors, and our life. Check out this short but sweet article talking about the mind muscle and how we can cultivate this muscle for growth!

We need to take control over what we are exposing our mind to so that our subconscious can begin to believe it and then achieve it. As powerful as Ketamine therapy can be, it can’t thrive purely by itself. It needs to be supported by new habits and beginning with setting an intention can be a powerful duo. The more you expose yourself to a thought, the quicker it will become your belief.

“A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking,” Abraham Hicks.

Therefore, I encourage you to pick one that truly excites you! After you choose your intention… Also, write it down and place it somewhere you will see often throughout your day. So because our minds dictate our emotions, you’ll begin to notice that you will prefer saying NO to the negative and YES to the positive by being more exposed to a meaningful intention.

How to Optimize Success with Your Intention

I set an intention, now what? Think of it like planting a seed, we don’t just plant it and pay it no mind. There is some love and care that needs to go into the process. Your intention is the seed and what emerges from it will be the byproduct of the compassion and attention you placed in its growth. But again, the goal is progress not perfection. It’s easy to get consumed with the notion that the unfolding of our goals has to happen perfectly. It’s easy to tell ourselves that there is no use in continuing with our intention since we messed up. Fortunately, no matter how many times we fall, life has a supportive way of guiding us forward IF we decide to motion ourselves forward again. Consistency > Perfection. Afterall, the greatest illusion is perfection. You have within you the Master Key. Sometimes all we need to do is plant a single intentional seed. Recently, one of our patients shared her experience on ways ketamine therapy was able to assist her in her journey of healing, it’s not a linear process and that’s ok, life wasn’t designed to be that way anyway.

Progress Not Perfection

I hope this was able to shed some light on the meaning and power behind intention setting and how pairing this with your ketamine therapy can serve you in ways you possibly weren’t aware of before. You always have the opportunity to choose again and remember we don’t choose once, we must continue to choose over and over again. The transformation that can come with setting an intention that excites you, having compassion for yourself when things don’t go perfectly, but being consistent in rising again can make all the difference. Remember, growth and comfort don’t coexist. Choose growth, it will lead to freedom.

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