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Advice From a Patient of Ours Who Found Relief After 35 Years of Debilitating Nightmares

We recently invited news reporter Jacob Dizon into Innerbloom Ketamine Therapy to report on how we use IV ketamine to treat mental health in downtown SLO. (Jacob is from our local NBC affiliate, KSBY, which serves San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties along the Central Coast.) The three-minute segment describes Dr Rivas’ background as a trauma surgeon and how he saw firsthand ketamine’s ability to heal from his time in the operating room.

The news clip and article also feature a powerful story from one of our patients, Tanya Winje, on how ketamine therapy—unlike other medicines, therapies, and remedies she tried—helped relieve disturbing nightmares which she had been experiencing for 35 years. Winje also stressed that for anyone considering ketamine therapy, they should first educate themselves about treatment and speak with their doctor.

As we’ve written before, ketamine is a safe and effective medicine for the treatment of many conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. It was first approved by the FDA in 1970 for use as a general anesthetic. Then in 2018, the FDA approved a derivative of ketamine called esketamine for people suffering from treatment resistant depression.

At Innerbloom Ketamine Therapy, we have seen that IV ketamine therapy, when combined with proper preparation and integration led by a local licensed therapist, can permanently change lives for the better.

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