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Why You Should Choose Us

Our top priority is to provide the most safe and pleasant experience possible for therapy and healing. Each of our patients are special to us, and we are conscientious about your specific and unique needs to help you live a healthier life. Dr. Rivas pent over over a decade working at the frontlines of emergency and trauma services and is equipped with a vast resource of medical knowledge and real-world experience. We partner with a team of qualified therapists to help curate a network of care members to support you. Our vast knowledge and experience will bring you confidence that you are in safe hands. Our clinic is comfortable and spa-like, a soothing environment to be a haven for you during your healing journey. At Innerbloom, we understand the importance of ‘set and setting’ and curate an experience to make the most of your treatments.

The process of integration to fully utilize the gifts that ketamine can offer is something we cherish. Integration involves working with either our Ketamine Assisted Therapy certified therapists, or your own therapist, to learn how to harness the insights gained from your ketamine treatments in a long-lasting, positive, and productive way.

Ketamine alone may not be enough to “cure” depression and solve the problems in your life. Ketamine should be seen as a catalyst to help you break negative thoughts, behaviors or destructive life cycles. We do not feel that ketamine is an answer for everything, or should be necessary for long-term relief, but rather used temporarily until individuals are able to get back on the right path and make healthy lifestyle changes.

A photo of the smiling IKT team including Emerald NP-C, Eli, the golden retriever, and Dr Rivas

We encourage creating specific intentions and goals unique to each individual prior to therapy. Innerbloom Ketamine Therapy offers various tools to promote healing. For added comfort, our golden retriever, Eli, is available to provide emotional support during treatment sessions if desired. Our long term goals include incorporating more talk-therapy, yoga, nature experiences, meditation and mindfulness guidance. We plan to host retreats to the coast for ocean therapy, including surf lessons and play. Most importantly, our goal is not to replace one medicine or therapy for another, but rather use ketamine as a catalyst to bring you relief and set you on a course for a healthy and happy life.

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