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Ketamine Therapy: Set and Setting

The use of ketamine and psychedelics has become popular, with more people having access to these powerful, medicinal tools. It is evident that the environment and the mindset of the patient during administration of these medicines can have significant impact on both the experience and efficacy. This is commonly referred to as “set” and “setting.” “Set” refers to the state of mind of the patient, while “setting” refers to the physical environment and surroundings during the therapy session.

Being emotionally and physically ready to receive treatment is of the utmost importance. Patients will obviously be experiencing difficulties, since they are seeking medical care, however, having an open mind beforehand will have a direct impact on how well the medicine works, and help avoid the so-called “bad trip.” It is key for patients to have specific intentions and goals prior to initiating therapy. Once we can reflect on where we are and where we want to be, then can we expect the healing process to truly take root.

Equally important is patient comfort.  Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult for people to ask for help, and then face the challenges to seek out and to actually receive the help. This is where “setting” comes into play. Safety and trust are not to be taken lightly in these scenarios. A patient can expect increasingly positive effects of the medicine and therapy when they are comfortable with their surroundings, caregivers and experience. Here at Innerbloom Ketamine Therapy, we understand the importance of set and setting and realize these fine details are vital to success and to maximize the therapeutic value of ketamine.

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